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SY-HJG Holmium Laser


Holmium laser is based on yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) as the activation medium, doped with sensitizing ion chromium (Cr), energy transfer ion thulium (Tm), activated ion holmium (Ho) laser crystal (Cr:Tm:Ho:YAG) A new type of laser produced by the manufactured pulsed solid-state laser device.  The application of holmium laser has brought the treatment of urinary stones to a new level. The holmium laser has a wavelength of 2.1μm and is a pulsed laser, which is the latest among many surgical lasers. The energy generated can vaporize the water between the end of the fiber and the stone to form tiny vacuoles, and transfer the energy to the stone to crush the stone into powder. Water absorbs a lot of energy, reducing damage to surrounding tissues. At the same time, the penetration depth of holmium laser to human tissue is very shallow, only 0.38mm. Therefore, the damage to surrounding tissues can be minimized during stone crushing, and the safety is extremely high.


It can be used for surgery in urology, ENT, dermatology, gynecology and other departments.
(1) Endotomy for urethral and bladder neck stricture; (2) Endotomy for ureteral stricture; (3) Endotomy for ureteropelvic junction stenosis (UPJ); (5) Endotomy for congenital giant ureter; (5) After urinary diversion Internal incision of ureter and intestinal stricture;(6)Laser incision of ureterocele in children;(7)Internal incision of stenosis of renal calyx funnel. In addition, holmium laser can also be used for decompression surgery of urothelial cysts, suture of hypospadias and so on.
The laser surgery is a non-invasive or minimally invasive surgery, and the patient's treatment pain is very small.

Holmium Laser

Product advantages

1. Sound-mute environment friendly water cooling system, high efficiency, long time use.
2. 0.1J step-length adjustment, wide-range alternative energy feedback of loop control system.
3. Highest monopulse energy can achieve 4.5J and highest frequency is 40HZ, which shortens operation time and increases surgery efficiency.
4. Color touch LCD with big screen, easy to manipulate.
5. Clear direction light, blue and adjustable
6. Varieties of optical fiber specifications: 200μm, 275μm, 365μm, 550μm, 800μm, 1000μm Intellectualized memory function, automatically resumes default setting, no need to set regularly.

Technical specification

Output (max) 40Watts, 60Watts, 80Watts, 90Watts
Pulse frequency 5-20 Hz, 5-40 Hz, 5-40 Hz, 5-40 Hz
Pulse energy 0.5-4.0J, 0.5-4.0J, 0.5-4.5J, 0.5-4.5J,
Laser type Holmium laser(Ho:YAG)
Wavelength 2.1μm
Pulse duration 300-600μs
Aiming beam, green 532nm, <1mW, can be fine-turned
Cooling system Internal cooling system
Fibers Reusable 200μm, 275μm, 365μm, 550μm, 800μm, 1000μm
Main supply AC 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz, single phase
Weight 120kg, 135kg, 150kg, 160kg