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SY-GP300 Electric Surgical Unit

Product model:SY-GP300

Warranty: one year

The high-frequency electrosurgical unit is an electrosurgical instrument that replaces the mechanical scalpel for tissue cutting. It heats the tissue when the high-frequency high-voltage current generated by the effective electrode tip when in contact with the body, and realizes the separation and coagulation of the body tissue, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting and hemostasis.


High-frequency electrosurgical unit is increasingly used in various endoscopic operations, such as: laparoscopy, prostatectomy, cystoscopy, hysteroscopy and other operations. Because the high-frequency electric unit can cut and coagulate at the same time, it is widely used in operations that are difficult to access and perform with a mechanical scalpel (such as: abdominal duct ligation, prostatic urethral mass removal). The outstanding coagulation effect of the high-frequency electrosurgical unit makes it widely used in the operation of diffuse bleeding sites, such as liver, spleen, thyroid, breast and lungs..

Product advantages

1. Fast cutting speed
2. Good hemostatic effect
3. Easy to operate
4. Shorten operation time, reduce patient blood loss and blood transfusion
5. Adapt to a wide range of surgery
6. Easy access to the surgical site

Technical specification

Cut 350W
Blend 250W
Burn 150W
Coagulation 150W
Bipolar coag 70WW