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SY-JCWK Basic Surgical Instruments

Model: SY-JCWK

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Basic surgical instruments

Instruments commonly used in surgical operations are basic surgical instruments. It can be divided into many types according to their structure and functional characteristics. To be familiar with and master the use of surgical instruments is the most basic requirement for surgeons.
Basic surgical instruments mainly include: basic surgical knives, basic surgical scissors, basic surgical forceps, basic surgical forceps, basic surgical needles, hooks, etc..



Basic surgical scissors are often used to dissect, cut or separate tissues, cut sutures, dressings, drainage, and remove sutures; basic surgical clamps: commonly used to clamp hemostasis, blunt tissue separation, and assist the surgeon Needle, clamping tissue, clamping gauze pad and subcutaneous tissue fixation, clamping suture needle to suture various tissues, clamping and fixing surgical towels, etc.; surgical forceps are used to clamp tissues to facilitate dissection and suture; probes It is used to detect foreign bodies in tissues, the depth of organ lumen, the depth and direction of fistula or sinus, and guide the incision of the surface tissue of the fistula.

Simple operation
convenient sterilization
numerous in variety
Good material,
Economical and durable
Wide range of applications